Here are some of my favorite links that have been crucial in helping me gain the knowledge necessary to build the house.

Mr Money Mustache |

  • He helped plant the seed of early retirement in my head and he also has some great how to articles about building!

Green Building Advisor |

  • Probably the number one most used resource for my build.  If you want to build net-zero then Joe Lstiburek and Martin Holladay are the ones to learn from.  Their knowledge is all over this site.

Energy Vanguard |

  • When it comes to HVAC, Allison Bailles is the best teacher you can find.  His blog breaks things down in a very easy to understand way and was my main resource in planning out my HRV and Ductless Mini-Split.

Wire Your Own House |

  • Awesome how-to instructions from an electrician who really knows his stuff.

Terry Love |

  • An excellent plumbing resource.

Enervee |

  • Used this to help pick out several of my appliances.  Great site!


  • If you click on the “Codes and Standards” section there is a lot of good info on how to use span tables

J Self |

  • Bought the plans for my spiral staircase from this guy.  The plans are VERY popular and you can see tons of photos from people who have built spiral staircases using his plans.  When it comes to spirals this guy REALLY knows his stuff.

WSU Energy |

  • Great resource for others building in Washington state.

Up To Kode |

  • Kode has a ton of excellent step-by-step videos on drywall and tile installation. He is very thorough and I learned a lot from him.

Ottowa Design and Build Home RenoVision |

  • Another very talented and experienced Canadian drywall instructor.  He gives very detailed instructions and makes it look like a cinch!

MyBuildingPermit |

  • Nice checklists to use to make sure you are prepared for inspection.

Sahiry Ireland |

  • Sahiry is a great friend and realtor helping match owner-builders with good land in Whatcom County.

I also used books

  • Working Alone by John Carroll
  • Framing a House by Roe Osbourn
  • Finishing a House by Roe Osbourn

and of course my well worn copy of

  • THE 2015 IRC by the Independent Code Council