Where is Point Roberts?

The decision to build my net-zero house in beautiful Point Roberts, WA was really a no brainer.

  • As a peninsula, it is surrounded by water on three sides.  There really is nothing quite like the sights, sounds, and smells of the sea.  The downside is the danger of a tsunami or storm surge, but the area is well buffered on all three sides with the US mainland to the east, the San Juan Islands to the south, and Vancouver Island to the west.
  • Although only 23 miles from the heart of Vancouver, BC, the point is a world away.  There is very little light pollution and you can walk and bike in the middle of the streets as there are few cars as well.  The wildlife outnumbers the people, with bald eagles, sea otters, dolphins among the hundreds of other more common critters.
  • With a 24 hour heavily armed security force at the border, the point is just about the safest place in the entire country.  The border guards know who lives here and who doesn’t, and if you aren’t from around here they will question you pretty substantially.  Once they get to know you however, crossing the border with a Nexus pass is a cinch.  The Nexus pass has the added benefit of allowing you to get in the expedited security line at the airport.
  • All of the other Vancouver, BC suburbs are some of the most expensive places in the world to live.  Vancouver is rated by many publications as one of the top five cities in the world with incredible cuisine, beautiful sights, a waterfront that stretches on forever, and all of the shows and concerts you would want in a big city.  All of these amenities come with a price tag, and the average cost of a home just on the other side of the border is a million dollars.  Fortunately the prices haven’t made it across the border, and you can still find beautiful lots ready to build for under $50,000.
  • Although it could change at anytime, the exchange rate is extremely favorable.  I buy most things in Canada so with the exchange it’s like the entire country is 20% off.  We have a saying that in Point Roberts you get to enjoy representation without taxation.  Canada is a heavily taxed country and they use that tax money to build beautiful public places, safe and well maintained roads and bike lanes, etc.  Washington on the other hand, doesn’t have income tax.